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How are the coaching sessions conducted?

All sessions are conducted by telephone, unless otherwise specified or specific arrangements have been made. For your convenience, you will be called at the minute your appointment is to start. You have the freedom to attend your appointments from wherever you wish. That said, it is extremely important that you be in a place free from all distractions (sounds, visuals, etc.) in order to get the most benefit from your sessions. If it is clear that you are being distracted (yes, the kids and the dogs in your room are very difficult to hide), your appointment will be re-scheduled. If this happens a second time, you will forfeit your appointment to a pro bono client, at PPIHC’s discretion.

What if I have to cancel a session?

Real-world stuff happens. For all clients other than Personal Health and Well-Being Muse clients, if you need to re-schedule a session, 24 hours notice is required. You get one freebie if you can’t cancel with 24 hours notice, because hey, stuff happens. However, if it happens after one time, you will forfeit that session to someone on the low cost or pro bono list, at PPIHC discretion. If ever PPIHC needs to re-schedule, you will always get your session back. All appointments cancelled or re-scheduled with at least 24 hours notice are rescheduled at no cost to you.

I paid for an extended month-to-month package. What happens if I need to terminate before using all of my sessions?

30 days advance notice is required for termination of month-to-month packages. You will be refunded any amount you have paid for following the 30 days’ notice.

How does the email support in between sessions work?

Just send an email (Jamie@PeakPerformanceIHC.com) anytime you have a question or otherwise need additional support. The goal at PPIHC is to respond to you within one business day, but no more than 3 business days will go by without a response.