Why I Won’t Tell You ‘What to Eat’

The truth is, the largest epidemiological study ever conducted on human nutrition strongly pointed to evidence that a plant-based (95%) diet results in the healthiest people; those who aren’t dying of the chronic diseases we as Americans are dropping like flies from: heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. There will always be the fads: paleo, Atkins, keto, and the like. Where these fads intersect with eating whole, plant-based foods as opposed to processed, high fat and sodium quasi-foods is where their nutritional value comes in. If you understand this, you already know ‘what to eat’. You really don’t need me to tell you what to eat.

Knowing what to eat isn’t really your problem, is it? The real¬†problem or problems¬†is what you need to define. Is it possible that you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Or maybe you just really crave the feeling of a full belly. Perhaps you just love the taste and texture or certain foods and you find they satisfy some need within. Or maybe you perceive eating healthy as too time consuming or expensive.¬†Ouch – not something you necessarily wanted to think about, right? It’s much easier to blame the cost of healthy food vs junk food, or your schedule not allowing for healthy cooking, or any number of other tangential issues that may or may not be the real problem. But sticking one’s head in the sand has never been an effective means of solving a problem, has it?

What I am suggesting here is not to beat yourself up, but do take a more intellectual approach to defining what might be holding you back from living your best health. Only by facing head-on what is really deterring you will you begin to identify effective alternatives.

Integrative Health Coaching can enable you to face the real issues that are coming between you and your best health. Through structured, supportive, and emotionally safe sessions, you will identify what is out-of-balance and thus preventing you from firing on all cylinders. You will identify the vision; the life you really want to lead, and then implement the steps that are right for you.

Whatever you decide is right for you, gather the courage to dig deep. You and your family deserve that!

Best wishes and please be kind to yourself,



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